FoxTrot Greatness!

2013-04-10-1ed2fd51This year is the 25th Anniversary of Bill Amends FoxTrot. I won’t claim to have been reading it for all those 25 years, I mean I am only 30 so while it would have been possible I haven’t. I did start reading it as a teenager though, and at one time owned all the books, sadly they have been lost through my many moves. I love/loved the geekiness of FoxTrot. In many ways Jason helped me realize that I wanted to be a geek.

I come from a family of “normals”. About the geekest thing my family ever enjoyed was The Muppets. What they were however were/are avid readers and open to loving and accepting anyone different. I won’t say they didn’t find great humor in my geekiness, when I first started watching Star Trek there was a lot of laughter in my house at my choice. Though my brother at least joined me watching the X-Men cartoon, and we did have wonderful conversations about our favorite characters. Those conversations usually ran along the lines of “My favorite character isΒ Wolverine!” “Your favorite character can’t be Wolverine, he’s my favorite character!” “Ok, then my favorite character is Nightcrawler” “Ok, but now my favorite character is Nightcrawler, your favorite character can be Cyclops!” “Ewwww no! My favorite character is Gambit!”.

As I was saying, Jason helped be realize that I wanted to be a geek. I could never claim his grasp of Math, or excel like he did in school, but I went out of my way to read more about what he talked about. I watched things he mentioned, I tried to play the things he played (that never really worked out so well since we didn’t get a computer till my last year in high school and I’m rubbish at console games). Thanks to Jason I was a nerdy kid in University and that led me to make other nerdy friends. Those nerdy friends pushed me into making a profile on a dating website called Geek 2 Geek which introduced me to my nerdy husband to be. So in many ways I have Jason and Bill Amend to thank for my current happiness.

Thank you Bill Amend for making me laugh, and making me a better person through your characters πŸ˜€

This is not where I had planned to go with this post. It’s just where my thoughts took me as I typed. I guess this is what comes out after the cold medicine I took before bed didn’t knock me out like it was supposed to. So please forgive my late night, cold med induced ramblings.

Quick update, I tweeted Bill Amend to thank him with a link to this blog. This was his response, @se You give me WAY too much credit, but I appreciate it anyway. πŸ™‚

Needless to say that is now a favorite tweet!


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