Sausage Gravy

For this recipe you can use the sausage recipe I have posted before, or you can use your favorite breakfast sausage. If you choose a sausage in a casing it is probably better to remove the casing before browning the sausage.


1/2lb/250g sausage

2tbsp flour

1/2c to 3c milk (depending on how thick you want your gravy)

salt and pepper to taste

chili powder or cayenne pepper (optional)



Brown the sausage and while pan and grease are still very hot add the flour and stir quickly to coat the sausage. Add the milk in 1/2c portions letting the gravy thicken after each addition. Add the salt and pepper when you have the desired amount of gravy. To make it a bit spicy(commonly refered to as Red Eye Gravy) add chili or cayenne powder.

This is best served over biscuits for Breakfast or Brunch.


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