Breakfast Yummy

IMG_0145  So this recipe is called many different things, and made many different ways depending on who you ask. I call it Hash, because that is what my Grandmother calls it. Of course Hash can be made just about any way you want to make it to suit the meal you are making it for. The one thing most Hash recipes have in common are potatoes in some form. They are usually accompanied by some sort of meat (usually leftovers form the night before) and some sort of binder to help hold it all together (eggs, gravy, ect). This recipe is for breakfast Hash.


2 small baking potatoes

a large handful of cubed ham(gammon) or meat of your choice

half a medium onion chopped

half a green pepper chopped

4 eggs



chili powder(optional)

red pepper flake(optional)



Start with the potatoes; depending on your skin preferences, wash or peel the potatoes before cutting them into bite sized cubes. Place the bite sized potatoes in a greased oven proof dish and sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper. Bake till potatoes are tender when poked by a fork or knife, stirring every 10 minutes. This can take up to an hour depending on how big you have cut your potatoes. This step can also be done the night before or even a couple of days before if you want to cut down on prep time in the morning, just refrigerate after baking.

Add your cubed meat, onion, and pepper to a large skillet and cook till the meat is half-cooked then add the potatoes. At this point I added a sprinkling of chili powder and red pepper flake since we like ours with a  little bite.

While all that is mingling in your skillet crack your eggs into a bowl and beat with a fork, add a LITTLE salt and pepper to the beaten eggs. (NOTE: please be careful not to over salt, especially if you are using ham (gammon) as it will add salt to the dish as it cooks. It is always easier to add salt in your plate then it is to deal with over salting in the pan)

Add the beaten eggs to the skillet and stir till the egg is set.

This will make 2 large portions.


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