Bread Pudding


IMG_0191This is one of my husbands favorites. I serve this warm with either pancake syrup or cream to pour over.


4 to 7 slices of bread

2tbsp melted butter or margarine

4 eggs

2c/237ml milk

3/4c/175g sugar

1tsp cinnamon

1tsp vanilla

2tbsp brown sugar



IMG_0183Cut or tear up your bread and place in the pan you will be baking in till the pan is very full.


IMG_0186Whisk together all the other ingredients and pour over your bread pieces and push down the bread until it is all coated.


IMG_0188Bake at 350F/170C for 20 to 45 minutes or until the bread is puffed up a bit and springs back when pushed slightly (use an oven mit or spoon!).

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