Champagne Salad

IMG_0213My mom found this recipe in an old cookbook of my grandmothers. After trying this we have decided that next time we will be replacing the cashews with a 1/2 cup of coconut shavings. We also weren’t fond of it in it’s frozen form, but loved it as a cool salad. If you do want to freeze some for later it does defrost well, though you may want to bulk it up a bit with more whipped topping once it is defrosted.This makes for a nice frozen treat, or a cool salad for those hot days.


8oz/250g Cream Cheese/Soft Cheese

2/3c/150 g sugar

20oz/432g crushed pineapple

10oz/270g thawed frozen strawberries

2 sliced bananas

1/2c/70g chopped nuts (I used cashews)

12oz/400g Cool Whip(Whipped Cream(I used the Spray Cream)



IMG_0209Blend the Sugar and Cream Cheese.
IMG_0210Add Fruit and Nuts and mix well.
IMG_0211Mix in the Whipped Cream.
IMG_0212Drop into muffin/cupcake liners and freeze. I had to freeze in batches because of the size of my freezer.

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