New Taste

Last weekend we went to an event it London called Hyper Japan. We had a ton of fun, saw some amazing things and most importantly ate some amazing food. While I haven’t had a chance to recreate the recipes I tried I will link to the recipes and in some cases YouTube videos on how to make them.

IMG_0253  First up is Takoyaki (たこ焼き). They are savory dough balls that contain bits of octopus. I had been interested in trying these since I had read about them in a Manga several years ago.

Here is the recipe for these amazingly tasty morsels.  Takoyaki, this recipe comes from the Japan Centre that is based in London. You can also source the ingredients for all the recipes I will talk about from them as well (they have international shipping).

Here is the video on YouTube on how to make them.

IMG_0390Next up is my favorite thing I had during the whole weekend, Okonomiyaki!

It is an amazing savory pancake thing, the one pictured has the cabbage, spring onion and sweet corn. The recipe I have found says that it varies depending on the person or area it is made in.  Here is the recipe on the Japan Centre website, you can also source many of the ingredients you will need from them as well.

Also here is a YouTube Video on how to make them.

We also had some of the standard things you would expect for a Japanese Convention.

IMG_0332Miso Ramen, Recipe Here
IMG_0029Yakisoba, Tempura Prawns and Tenmusu

Yakisoba Recipe

Tempura Prawn Recipe

Tenmusu Recipe

All in all it was a fantastic food weekend.

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