Spicy Boneless Chicken Wings

IMG_0474These are a favorite for my husband and I, they have a nice amount of spice and a wonderful flavor.


1 Kg/2lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts


2c/680g Ketchup

1c/215g Brown Sugar ( if you want it really spicy use light brown sugar, if you want it milder then use dark brown sugar)

1/2c/148ml hot sauce ( I use Franks Red Hot Original, but I think any Cayenne based hot sauce would work)

1/3c/80ml Worcestershire Sauce

2 tsp chili powder (heaping)

2 tsp onion powder (heaping)

2tsp cayenne powder (heaping)

2 tsp paprika (heaping)

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New Taste

Last weekend we went to an event it London called Hyper Japan. We had a ton of fun, saw some amazing things and most importantly ate some amazing food. While I haven’t had a chance to recreate the recipes I tried I will link to the recipes and in some cases YouTube videos on how to make them.

IMG_0253  First up is Takoyaki (たこ焼き). They are savory dough balls that contain bits of octopus. I had been interested in trying these since I had read about them in a Manga several years ago.

Here is the recipe for these amazingly tasty morsels.  Takoyaki, this recipe comes from the Japan Centre that is based in London. You can also source the ingredients for all the recipes I will talk about from them as well (they have international shipping).

Here is the video on YouTube on how to make them.

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